Our Designers

everydayproduct design

Their philosophy is simple — they place huge value on good design and the benefits it brings to businesses, the environment, and customers.

Their design work clearly communicates function. Their ethos and language is clear and concise. Their work seeks to rationalise the needs of the consumer to core essentials which we answer with longevity and beauty through design.

everydayproduct design “go-to” objects. Trusted items that become rituals of daily life, creating commercial, classic products that make every day better.




 is a design firm in Manhattan established 2003 by Icelandic designer Hlynur V. Atlason. From luxury items to everyday, mass-products and one-off gallery pieces. They imagine and create unique objects that invite enquiry, interaction and delight. That connect with people.

Ideas are formed at ATLASON through focused research, playful curiosity, social and cultural exploration and hard-working development.They set out to improve the human experience of a product through its materials, ergonomics and environmental footprint.


Murken Hansen


The design office Murken Hansen was founded in 1999 by Hauke Murken and Sven Hansen in Berlin. Murken Hansen is in their design inspired by clarity, simplicity, intelligence, traditions, idea ping-pong, doing things deliberately the wrong way, working on ideas for a long time, knowledge that is not hardened to certainty, people that make things happen.

We think people should own less but better things therefore we strive to create products with an outstanding of usability and top quality. Many of our products are long selling items because we avoid to follow trends. Therefore our products are characterized by beeing up to date for many years. This is our contribution to sustainability.

Murken Hansen has designed the Teaspoon tea infuser for Qdo.


DING 3000
(aka Rudolph Schelling Webermann)


DING3000 is the studio of the designers Carsten Schelling, Ralf Webermann and Sven Rudolph. After working for different studios such as Vogt & Weizenegger and Marcel Wanders they have started to work together in 2005 designing consumer goods like furniture, luminaires and residential accessories.

DING3000 became known with various drafts characterized by profound and charming ideas. In the meanwhile DING3000 also has proven its versatility by working e.g. on projects for progressive surgery equipment or in creating strong and innovative concepts like the critically acclaimed Concept 1865 bike for German chemical company BASF.

With their drafts DING3000 has so far received more than 30 design prizes including the internationally renowned iF Product Design Award, the Good Design Award, the RedDot Design Award and the Design Plus Award.


Valentin Bussard


Born in 1991 in Switzerland, Valentin Bussard graduated CFPAA in Geneva in Industrial Design. After obtaining his CFC, he followed a Bachelor Industrial Design Training freelancing 80% with various companies to Swiss Design Center in Lausanne.

During these studies in Geneva, he was awarded for the construction of a giant board game go to the park bastions, which was inaugurated in April 2011. After having worked from 2010 to 2011 in the architectural Burau John Paul Jaccaud architects and 2011 to 2012 Glass Concept mirrors as a freelance designer.

He finished these studies in business communications Brandstorm in Geneva. Currently graduated Bachelier he went to live new experiences in England, and he continues in his spare time to attach competition and small offices by developing its own projects in self-publishing.


Pernille Vea


Pernille Vea graduated from the Danish Design School in 1996 focusing in furniture and appliances. She is a member of the Nordic design group Kropsholder and of the Association of Danish Designers (MDD). Since 1997 she has been running her own design studio.

Between 1996 and 1998 she was a lecturer at the Danish Design School. Pernille has been creatively involved with QDO from the start and she is the designer behind many of our products.

She has received several international design awards and her talent for creating innovative designs has made her one of Scandinavia's most successful upcoming designers.